About CIBA

The Corvallis Independent Business Alliance (CIBA) is a voluntary, cooperative effort of independent, local businesses who use education, networking, political advocacy, and citizen involvement to help our community prosper and contribute to a diverse, healthy, and stable local economy.

CIBA was launched in 2002 by a group of local, independent business owners and concerned citizens who recognize and appreciate the unique character of the Corvallis community. We are working actively to ensure the vitality of the local, independent businesses in our area. We believe in living as world citizens while buying locally when possible. It is by preserving the richness and diversity of choice here in the greater Corvallis area that we will all continue to thrive and prosper.

How we work
CIBA is registered in the state of Oregon as a non-profit organization and is run by a volunteer, elected board of directors.

Businesses may qualify to join as Business members of CIBA. Others who would like to participate in CIBA’s efforts—or simply show their support—can join as Associate members.

Check out our web page for more detailed information and please follow us on our Facebook page.


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